Name: Victor Meldrew

Pound Helpers:  Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 6th July 2018

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers:

VICTOR MELDREW: a medium sized Daxie x male from the pound. Very hand shy and bitey at the moment. Victor has seen our vet for a vet check, vax, worm and treatment as has a flea allergy/mange ears and is underweight. Currently in EB in Norfolk, but luckily offered an experienced rescue space which will help with his trust issues which will take time to sort where ever he goes. Costs for VM’s transport to rescue expected to be in the region of £75 and vet treatment so far approx £40.


Link to profile: Victor Meldrew’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 8th July 2018: Victor Meldrew has not yet received any donations to help with his vital rescue costs.

7th August 2018: £69.50 has been sent to pay for Victor’s freedom ride, good luck sweetheart!

10th August 2018: £144 has been sent to Willowdale Farm to pay for his emergency boarding.