Terms and Conditions


December 2014

The following terms and conditions apply to Pounds for Poundies, donors, pound helpers and rescue organisations who donate to or receive funds from Pounds for Poundies (www.poundsforpoundies.co.uk) and relate to this site and the monies raised by this site. These terms and conditions are subject to additions and revisions as necessary:

1. Pounds for Poundies is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organsation (SCIO) Registered Charity Number SC044405. Our full SCIO constitution and details of all current and past trustees is available at any time upon request. Please contact us at donate@poundsforpoundies.co.uk to request this.

2. The purpose of Pounds for Poundies is to make it possible for people to donate to individual pound dogs to help save them from death row in the pound and to help pound helpers and rescues to help save individual dogs. It is not intended to raise general funds for pound helper groups or rescue organisations; rather it is to help them and work together with donors to save individual dogs.

3. Donations will be paid into Paypal account donate@poundsforpoundies.co.uk, bank account 10937320 / 83-16-48 or our Just Giving account. Donations to our Just Giving account can take up to 48 hours to clear and there may therefore be a delay in updating a donation made by this means onto the sponsored dog’s page. Donations made by text via the Just Text Giving service are by nature anonymous and will be automatically added to our Emergency Fund. We are unable to send email updates on the use of Text donations, but they will be updated onto dogs’ pages in the normal manner.

The bank account is held in the name of Pounds for Poundies and is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Business Account. Detailed financial records are kept and full details of the PayPal account transactions and bank account transactions will be submitted to independent auditors and to the Office of The Scottish Charity Regulator on an annual basis.  Our annual accounts will be available on the website on an annual basis. Our upcoming end of financial year is 31st March 2015.

4. Donors are required to complete the donation form on the page of the dog they are donating to in order that their donation be allocated to the dog they wish to help. Should a donation form not be received to accompany a donation, an attempt will be made to contact the donor via the email linked to their PayPal donation, and if no reply is delivered within 7 days of the date of this email the donation will be allocated to the Emergency Fund to help the most urgent dogs, and the donor updated when the donation is used to help the Poundie.  Should a donor complete a donation without completing the contact form and wishes their donation to be allocated to a particular dog, please contact us at donate@poundsforpoundies.co.uk to arrange for your donation to be allocated to that dog’s fund

5. All information on the dogs featured on Pounds for Poundies is written in good faith. We endeavour to only submit accurate information on the dogs based on the information given by pound helpers. When circumstances for a dog change we will endeavour to update the site as soon as possible but this will not always be immediate or we may not always be told immediately, and if this affects donations given in the interim we will endeavour to make contact with donors to discuss this. Any errors or omissions are unintentional and are in no way intended to mislead. If you find an error or omission please contact us and we will correct it.

6. Monies paid by donors into the PayPal account or bank account will be held in that PayPal or bank account and distributed as required to pound helpers and/or the rescue organisation which offers the dog a rescue space. “As required” is taken to mean reimbursement of accrued debts for emergency boarding, vet bills, worming, vaccination, neutering, micro-chipping, vet treatment etc. Monies will be distributed at the discretion of the charity in association with the pound helpers and rescue organisations as and when needed in order to best facilitate the rescue of the dog. All donations are assigned a reference number when distributed to pay the rescue costs of dogs and are fully traceable.

7. Gift Aid declarations for donations made to Pounds for Poundies will be submitted and claimed from HMRC. These funds will be used to help urgent Poundies with their vital rescue costs and will also be used to fund essential administration costs including but not limited to server hosting and public liability insurance, and furtherance of the charitable aims by funding such things including but not limited to membership of professional organisations, fundraising materials and advertising. All monies used in this way will be accounted for and invoices produced independent auditors and will be done solely to further the aims and objectives of Pounds for Poundies.

8. Original or scanned invoices for the rescue costs detailing the service provider, dog’s name, date and treatment details if applicable are required from pound helpers, transporters, emergency boarding kennels, individuals and rescue organisations receiving money for any or all of these rescue costs and are required to be received by post or email prior to funds being distributed. No monies will be paid until receipt of invoices by post or email.

9. Emergency boarding will be paid on a weekly basis, either to pound helpers or EB kennels directly, in arrears, and invoices will be required. Emergency boarding is paid on a weekly basis in arrears to avoid overpayment of boarding fees as dogs can be moved from EB to rescue or new home at short notice.  Emergency boarding will be paid in arrears on a weekly basis until the dog leaves EB or until the dog’s rescue fund runs out. Pound helpers will be kept informed of the EB paid and remaining in the dogs’ rescue fund, and the dogs’ pages will be updated to inform donors of the use of their donations to the dogs’ rescue funds.

10. When not all pound helpers’ and rescue organisations’ costs are covered by a dog’s fund, the money donated will be divided in a way that is deemed fair and reflects the division of costs between parties or what is deemed by us to be the most appropriate use of funds to best help the dog.

11. When more funds are donated to an individual dog’s appeal than is needed for the rescue of that dog, the first donations received will be used to pay for the rescue costs as needed between pound helpers and/or rescue organisation(s) and the donors of any remaining donations will be reallocated or donors contacted by email to offer them a refund or reallocation of their donations, as per the donors’ preference indicated on the donation form at time of donation. Wherever possible we will endeavour to allocate donations to another urgent dog with the same pound helper group or rescue organisation. If the donor has selected on their original donation form for their donation to be reallocated to another urgent Poundie in the event that their donation is not needed to help the original dog they supported, in this case this will be done and they will updated when these funds are distributed.

12. Donated monies will be totalled for each dog on a regular basis and will be noted and recorded with the donors’ initials, on this site on each dog’s individual post. It is not always possible to do this immediately but it will be done as quickly as possible. Donations made via Just Giving and Just Text Giving may take up to 48 hours to clear to our account and there may therefore be a delay in updating donations made via Just Giving onto dogs’ pages. Donations made via Just Text Giving are not cleared for up to 31 days after donation date and require the donation to be taken from the donor’s phone bill before they are debited to our Just Giving account. Donations made via Just Text Giving will be updated onto dogs’ pages when they show in our Just Giving account as ‘pending’ but may subsequently be removed should they not be cleared and debited to our Just Giving account when an attempt is made to take them from the donor’s mobile phone bill. This may result in changes to a dog’s total fund and will be noted and accounted for on the dog’s page.

13. Donations to the Emergency Fund will be regularly allocated to the most urgent Poundies and added to their posts as per (11) or held to ensure that there are funds available for emergency EB, transport and medical costs.

14. Details of all distributed donations are updated on the Your Donations in Action section of the website. Donors will receive an email when their donation has been sent to help the Poundie they are supporting or the Poundie to whom their Emergency Fund donation has been allocated. Due to the large volume of work this may not be done immediately but we endeavour to update donors as quickly as possible.

15.  Donors can at any time ask for an account of their donation. If it is still being held by Pounds for Poundies, they will be told why it has not yet been distributed, and if it has been distributed they will be told to which pound helpers or rescue organisation is has been distributed along with the payment reference number. All monies will be put into a general fund for each dog, so unless a specific request is made for funds for a particular service (e.g., veterinary treatment), monies will be administered as needed to pay for the rescue costs to secure the rescue of the dog.

16. When a dog is sent to rescue, we will endeavour to contact the rescue with information on Pounds for Poundies, how to claim funds, and a copy of these terms and conditions, the Pounds for Poundies Pound Puller and Rescue Agreement and a copy of the FAQs for Rescues. We rely on information from pound pullers to advise us which rescue to contact regarding funds and although we try very hard to contact all rescues as we are so busy occasionally unintentional omissions may be made therefore we ask that any rescue that is informed by a pound puller or other party that a dog it has taken has Pounds for Poundies funds should contact us. We will contact the rescue regarding funds via email (or Facebook private message if appropriate and an Agreement is already in place), and if we do not receive a reply within 28 days the funds will be reallocated or offered for refund or reallocation as per donors’ instructions on their donation forms. Upon receiving the completed Agreement we will hold the fund for a period of three months to allow time for rescues to submit invoices. Should a longer period be required we ask that we are notified by email during this three month period. If these are not received within this time, we will reallocate funds or offer the funds to the donors for refund or reallocation as per their preference.

17. Donations will be distributed only to pound helpers who send dogs to rescue organisations which meet the following criteria and to rescue organisations who meet the following criteria:

  • all animals in their care are neutered prior to re-homing, or in the case of dogs under the age of 6 months, they will be homed with a strict neutering policy to ensure that the dog is neutered at 6 months of age (or following her first season in the case of a bitch);
  • all animals will be vaccinated prior to re-homing;
  • all animals will be micro-chipped to the rescue organisation prior to re-homing;
  • no pound dogs will be placed directly from the pound into homes without assessment, neutering, vaccination and micro-chipping;
  • all potential homes are subject to a home-check by an experienced and competent home-checker and only those homes that pass home-checks will have an animal placed with them;
  • all foster homes will be home-checked prior to placement of the dog by an experienced and competent home-checker, and only those who pass home-checks will be eligible to foster an animal;
  • all animals must have life-time back up so that in the event that the new owner is no longer able to keep them they will be returned to the care of the rescue;
  • must have a strict no-kill policy that no animal in their care shall be killed for expediency and an animal will only be humanely euthanised to prevent or alleviate irreversible mental or physical suffering in an animal under the advice of one or more qualified veterinary surgeon(s) and/or qualified behaviourist(s) and as a last resort to prevent irreversible mental or physical suffering to that animal.

18. Should a dog have funds accumulated during his or her stay in the pound but goes to a rescue that does not wish to sign the terms and conditions of Pounds for Poundies, monies will not be paid to this rescue organisation and donors who opted to be contacted will be contacted and asked if they would like a refund of their donations or if they would like their donations to be reallocated to another pound dog with the same pound helper group. Donations from donors who opted to reallocate will be reallocated to other urgent dogs and donors will be updated in the usual fashion. Any concerns about rescue organisations or pound helper groups not operating within the terms and conditions of Pounds for Poundies will be investigated and may result in Pounds for Poundies withdrawing support for those pound helper groups and/or rescue organisations.

19. Monies donated to pound pullers and rescues by Pounds for Poundies are intended to be used for the treatment costs of the dog to whom donations were made. We require invoices and receipts/claim forms that assure us the monies being claimed are for the dog for whom they were raised. The owner of this website and Charity Trustees are not responsible for the use of monies after they are transfered to the pound helpers or rescue organisation. Any queries regarding the use of funds once they have left the Paypal or bank account of Pound for Poundies must be directed to the recipient, details of whom are available to donors upon request and will be posted on each individual dog’s rescue page.

20. All monies are donated and distributed in good faith. Whilst all measures will be taken to ensure that funds are being appropriated as they are intended (to help pound dogs), a certain amount of good faith and trust must be granted to recipients of funds. Invoices or claim forms are required from individuals receiving funds for transport, rescue costs etc and from pound helper groups and emergency boarding kennels for EB fees, from rescue organisations receiving funds for pound dogs, and from rescues and pound helpers who have appeals for specific costs such as veterinary treatment appeals. Any concerns should be raised via the contact us page.

21. In the event that the dog for whom a donor has donated is adopted from the pound into private care (by the pound), claimed by the owner, dies under veterinary care whilst in the care of the pound, dies of natural or accidental causes in the pound before he or she comes into the care of pound helpers or rescue organisations, or is killed by the pound, donors who opted to be contacted will be contacted by email (as provided via their PayPal donation and/or contact form at time of donation) and given the option of a refund of their donations, for the monies to go to another dog of their choosing, for their donation to be allocated to another urgent dog by the owner of the site, or into the emergency boarding and transport fund. Donations from donors who opted for their donations to be reallocated will be reallocated to help other urgent dogs and donors will be updated on their donation in the usual fashion.

22. Pounds for Poundies is not responsible for the direct rescue of dogs from pounds, dogs not being rescued from the pound in time, the placement of dogs in emergency boarding, the inspection of emergency boarding facilities, foster or rescue placement of dogs, veterinary treatment, neutering, vaccination, or micro-chipping of dogs, or the re-homing procedure for dogs featured on Pounds for Poundies. It is responsible for raising funds to help with the rescue of dogs from the pound, and for distributing these funds as necessary to pound helper groups, rescue organisations, transporters and individuals helping those dogs, for liaising with pound helper groups and rescues regarding the funds received for each dog, and updating the dogs’ pages to reflect their donation totals and latest rescue updates.

23. All pound helper groups and rescues are asked to agree in writing to the terms and conditions of Pounds for Poundies by way of the Pounds for Poundies Pound Puller and Rescue Agreement upon commencement of our work together.

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