Name: Ted

Pound Helpers: Cathy Holding

Date Posted: 22nd January 2016

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: My name is Ted. I’m a very loving, sweet boy according to my pound puller. I love nothing better than spending cuddle time with my humans in the pound. I am so happy when I have them with me. Cathy thinks I am about 1-2 years old and I’m an entire staffy boy. I am small but lively and always smiling! I can’t be assessed properly as the kennels stress me out a bit, so would be better as an only dog until assessed properly, as I am quite barky at the other dogs in the pound. If possible, Cathy thinks I would benefit from being assessed outside of the kennel environment. PLEASE NOTE TED has a small lump above one of his eyes, but it hasn’t affected him or bothered him. I would like a vet to have a look at it (lump is bald and shiny). PLEASE SOMEONE STEP UP FOR HIM AS HE IS FULL OF LOVE. He’s a happy boy!

Link to Post:  Ted’s Facebook Post

Donations Tally: 9th February 2016: Ted has the following donations to help with his rescue costs: £15(LE) /£50(DB-Emergency Fund) /£15(GMcD) = £80 all reallocated from Zak / £5(DD) / £50(CM, Emergency Fund) / £5(TK) = £140. Thank you to his kind donors. 7th September 2016: All of Ted’s funds have been reallocated to Roxy.