Name: Ted

Pound Helpers: Angie’s Poundies

Date Posted: 5th March  2014

PTS / Overdue Date: SAVED

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: Ted is a brindle /white entire male SBT approx 2 yrs old. Very sweet boy that’s not really happy being in kennels , he is very quiet and likes to be out and have a cuddle . Seems fine other dogs passing . Urgent rescue space needed.

Updates: 6th April 2014: SAFE

Donation Tally: 19th March 2014: Ted now has the following donations to help with his rescue costs: £50(PL). Thank you to his kind donors for supporting this lovely boy when he needs it the most.

Reallocations/Used for Other Dogs:

£22(PL) used to pay for Tommy’s EB costs (AW/AP)

£28(PL) used to pay for Tommy’s EB costs (AW/AP)