SPIKE *Gone but not forgotten*

SPIKE *Gone but not forgotten*

Name: Spike

Pound Helpers: Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 19th December 2016

PTS / Overdue Date: gone but not forgotten


Information from pound pullers:


This is not a good start to the New Year but we have had to let Senior Spike go to Rainbow bridge. Initially I fought the pound to be allowed to bring him out and try to find a rescue space as they had reservations due to aggression issues, meaning he couldn’t see their vet.

We had more success and he went to be neutered and have dental work at our vets. Unfortunately his behaviour became quite erratic and unmanageable: biting staff and going for anyone who was in his way. On discussion with the vets it was decided it would be unsafe and not in his best interest long term to be sent to rescue and quite frankly with such a bite history, he would have struggled to find a home as the behaviour wasn’t predictable and could happen at any time. It was considered he was displaying some of the symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or Old Dog Senility.

For dogs like Spike there is no easy answer. I know some believe a dog is better stuck in a kennel than having his life taken away but Spike was not in a happy place. It was not fair for this dear boy to spend his remaining days looking out from a kennel waiting for his life to end.  RIP Spike x

SENIOR SPIKE: This dear boy of 10 was allowed out the pound early as in his owners words “we don’t want him no more” when a kindly neighbour kept returning him. This boy is dreadfully thin – needs another 6 kilos according to our vet, will need neutering and teeth extraction. He is a long legged Staffie x who currently weighs less than a standard JRT . Tonight, he is coated up, in a warm kennel and will be on 4 small meals a day to increase his weight. This boy is in dire need of lots of TLC.

Link to profile: Spike’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally:  Spike has the following donations to help with his vital rescue costs: £15(AW) / £20(TC) / £10(RM) / £5(ES) / £55(JN) = £105. Thank you to his kind donors. 17th February 2017: £60[£5(ES) / £55(JN)] has been sent to pay for Spike’s Emergency Boarding. 21st February 2017: £107.50[£15(AW) / £20(TC) / £10(RM) / £62.50 from the emergency fund] has been sent to pay for dear Spike’s vet treatment. 8th March 2017: £107.50[£75.50(CAF, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £5(DA, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £5(VS, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £5.50(TL, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £16.50(MG, Emergency Fund Monthly)  has been sent to pay for Spike’s vet fees.