Name: Sable

Pound Helpers:  Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 8th February 2019

PTS / Overdue Date: rescue space secured; needs help with vet bill 


Information from pound pullers:

Meet ❤️Sable❤️ this babe is only 6 years old  

Friday we had a very poorly greyhound bitch in dire condition come in to the pound system via the emergency vets.

She was transferred to the expert care of Sutterton Vet Hospital. She has a fracture but more critical she is currently being stabilised due to suffering from early stages of Rhabdomylosis which is a very serious condition. It is too early to say if immediate intervention has been successful but she is standing which is a great improvement on a few hours previously.

We do not know the circumstances or reasons for her being dumped/abandoned in a remote lane on the outskirts of Lincoln. All we can celebrate is that her previous life of racing and cruelty is now behind her. Greyhound Gap have kindly stepped up to offer a rescue space when this girl is well enough. I cannot thank them enough for their invaluable help and advice regarding diagnosis for this poor soul.

FURTHER UPDATE: We received good news today from the vets that our Sable is not only stable but doing very well  She is still under observation and responding well to meds. Vet nurses report she is the sweetest of girls and I’m looking forward to her going to Greyhound Gap as permission granted to finish her 7 days – CURRENTLY HER BILL STANDS AT £390….

Please, donate if you can, I have no shame in asking or even begging as these dogs need our help. Even the price of two tins of sardines, a can of cola or sandwich – every penny adds up to enable us to support them and I cannot do this alone for the dogs.

Needs donations for *: neutering / vaccinations / microchipping / transport / emergency boarding if needed

*on average, it costs £150-£200 to pay the rescue costs (neutering, vaccination, chipping, worming, flea treatment) for every dog rescued from the pound, and more if they need to be transported and moved into EB before they find a rescue space. Please note that funds alone do not guarantee a dog’s safety, as there are many other factors to take into account such as availability of emergency boarding, rescue kennels, transport and rescue space. They do, however, provide a huge help to the dogs and their helpers in paying for their vital and expensive rescue costs.

Link to profile: Sable’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 13th February  2019: Sable has received the following donations to help with her vital rescue costs: £15(KD) / £10(JW) / £5(CC) / £20(KF) / £10(IM) = £60. Thank you to her kind donors.

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