Rusty *SAFE*

Rusty *SAFE*

Name: Rusty

Pound Helpers: via Helping Yorkshire Poundies

Date Posted: 25th February 2013

PTS Date: 


Information from pound pullers: This is Rusty. He is not a Yorkshire poundie but he urgently needs our help. Rusty is in a stray pound in another area, but if anyone can help him he can come to our beautiful county. Rusty is at immediate risk of being put to sleep 🙁

Link to profile:

Updates: 8th March 2013: Rusty is now safely in rescue and I will update with details of which rescue he went to when I find out.

Donation Tally: Rusty has £3 (PB) in donations to help towards his rescue funds. Thank you to his kind donor.


 Rusty’s funds of £3(PB) have been reallocated to support Tigger, another urgent Pound under the same Pound Puller group.