Name: Rudi

Pound Helpers: Team Poundie

Date Posted: 18th July 2018

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE 

Seeking a miracle here… rescue only, please SHARE HE IS GOING TO NEED THEM. Rudi is a staff boy 10yrs +. Rudi was a bit of a grumpy old man when come in, he would have episodes of growling at staff, he came round with the use of treats, food is his best friend! Rudi has a large suspicious looking lump on his underneath near his man parts and a couple of small lumps on body, he also has a undescended testicle. Rudi is not a cuddly boy, he likes to do his own thing, loves having a roll on his back and will come to you when he wants something. He doesn’t mind female dogs but not keen on male dogs.

Link to profile: Rudi’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 19th July 2018: Rudi has received the following funds to help with his vital rescue costs:  £50(RC, reallocated from Sandy 8) = £50. Thank you to his kind donors.