Name: Rocky

Pound Helpers: Searching for Sofas

Date Posted: 5th January 2019

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: 


MOST AWFUL UPDATE……. THE COUNCIL ARE CALLING IT IN…..I have 3 weeks to get him out or that is it, 🙁 RESCUE SPACE NOW BEYOND URGENT FOR GORGEOUS ROCKY ROOSTER ROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 months we have been trying……….. FIVE MONTHS….NO OFFERS AND I know its not rescues fault………. TOO MANY DOGS, WAY TO MANY DIFFICULT TO PLACE DOGS 🙁


This boy IS COMPLICATED, TRICKY…. stunningly BEAUTIFUL AND CODE RED AD HE HAS NOW BEEN IN THE POUND SINCE JANUARY – Thank goodness they have been able and willing  to give him so much time to find a rescue as not all pounds can or do…..

😭Rocky is a mastiff x male entire 1yr- 18mths old. Rocky has had a rough start in life, we know he has had more than one owner. The last owner he was with was made to sign him over by the police as Rocky was always out barking at people and not being controlled. The place where he was picked up from was a well known drug dealing address where rocky was probably not a pet. Rocky was picked up by a male dog warden when signed over and was put in van by owner, when getting to kennels the other end Rocky was aggressive and had to be poled, he was extremely stressed! A couple of days later he had to be moved to another kennels and again had to be poled due aggression. Rocky took a couple of days to calm down, he accepted female staff far easier than males, and still scared of men now. Now with the female staff he is just a big squishy daft lump. He has had no training so has no manners, but he is very treat orientated. He doesn’t seem to like dominant male dogs but doesn’t seem to worried by females or playful young dogs. I don’t think he has ever had socialisation with other animals as was very wary when 1st come in, so that is another thing on his list of needs. The girls love him at pound and he has the capability of being a fantastic boy in the right hands with work and guidance.


Link to profile: Rocky’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 19th May 2019: Rocky has received the following funds to help with his vital rescue costs: £3(DW, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £27.50(SM, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £20(JW, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £5(SG) / £10(KR) / £20(SD) / £8(SR) / £200(CMcG) / £11(PR) / £10(RB) / £20(BMacL) = £334.50. Thank you to his kind donors.