Information on Pound Helpers and Rescues

These pound helpers and rescue organisations work together o rescue poundies. Without them, there would be no way out of the pound and no where for poundies to go. All rescues have confirmed that they operate in accordance with our rescue organisation criteria as outlined in our terms and conditions.

These pound helpers and rescue organistions will receive funds paid directly to their Paypal accounts or via bank transfer the monies raised for any dogs featured on Pounds for Poundies that they pull to emergency boarding or rescue in order to help pay rescue costs for that/those dog(s).

Please support these pound helpers and rescues: they are a lifeline for poundies and without them there would be little hope for any poundie to happy, healthy lives now and in future.

Pound Helpers

Rescue Organisations

Both pound helpers and rescues use Rescue Helpers Unite to cross-post dogs and link to people who can help rescue poundies. You can add your skills to the forum by signing up, whether you want to foster, transport, cross-post or just meet like-minded people, you can do so at Rescue Helpers Unite.
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