Name: Phelan

Pound Helpers: Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 7th September 2016



Information from pound pullers:

SAD UPDATE 10th September 2016
“It is with a heavy heart I write about Phelan. We sadly had to let this poor boy go to Rainbow Bridge late yesterday. This was a dog that was poled into the pound, with no history. He didn’t improve during his 7 days. Kennel guarding badly and not in a good place. He was suffering and ready to take the world on. Every slight noise set him off and his instinct was to lash out.

I could see the suffering in Phelan’s eyes: he needed out the pound but would have struggled to cope with a noisy kennel environment as this would have added to his tortured state.

He could not be handled, even after being sedated and I made the decision along with two of our vets who are very experienced with our poundies to end his suffering. I stayed with him all afternoon and well after his last breath.

It is never an easy decision to make or even write about afterwards. We are all about saving dogs and sending them on to something better but in some ways, this is what I feel was done for this dear boy, despite hating myself for doing it and feeling I let him down.

I am angry that dogs like this are turning up in the pound system, I can only wonder what a previous owner could have done to destroy this boy. I’m angry that there are not enough places in rescue to work with dogs like him quietly and without pressure and severe cost. I certainly could not have prolonged his agony and sent him to some forgotten kennel in a rescue, never to have a chance of a normal life.” ~ Marianne Jackson, Hound from the Pound

Phelan. Male staffie time up tomorrow , looking for a rescue space. Sadly we have no further information on this boy.

Link to profile: Phelan’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 9th September 2016: Phelan has the following donations to help with his vital rescue costs: £24 (HSDUK) / £20 (CS) / £25 (FH) / £50 (ST) / £20 (GB) = £139. Thank you to his kind donors. / All of Phelan’s donors have been contacted to offer a refund or reallocation of their donation to Phelan in light of the tragic circumstances. 17th May 2017: £24(HSDUK) / £20(CS) / £25(FH) / £16(GB) has been reallocated to Velvet to help pay for her life saving emergency board.