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Sadly, every month more and more dogs are finding themselves in pounds, facing a lonely death after just 7 days. They are in desperate need of help. In order to help as many as we can, Pounds for Poundies needs funds to be able to offer funding for emergency boarding to help dogs who have no where else to go, to help with transport from the pound to safety, and to help with emergency rescue costs when needed. These funds are often the only lifeline that a Poundie has.

In order that the Pounds for Poundies Emergency Fund is always there to help Poundies in urgent need of life-saving funds, the Poundies need special donors who would like to support the most urgent Poundies on a monthly basis.

Poundies for Donate Page 1By donating monthly to Pounds for Poundies, you will be helping save the life of a Poundie on death row every month. You will receive an update on the Poundie each monthly donation has helped save, and know that every month you will be directly helping to get a Poundie from death row to safety and the promise of a happy future with their own forever family.

We promise to only use the information given on this form to record your donation for accounting purposes and to update you on your donation. We will not pass on your details to any other party, you will not be added to a mailing list, and we will not send you emails requesting further donations. By donating you are agreeing to the Pounds for Poundies Terms and Conditions. You may also wish to read our FAQs for more information.

To donate by monthly bank transfer standing order please use the details below and add the subject MONTHLY:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Pounds for Poundies
Account Number 10937320
Sort Code 83-16-48

or set up a monthly payment with Just Giving:

Just Giving donate_white

Thank you so much for your support of Pounds for Poundies. Your monthly donation is a lifeline to dogs on death row when they need help most.

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