Name: Marlow

Pound Helpers: Team Poundie

Date Posted: 10th February 2018

PTS / Overdue Date: gone but not forgotten 

Status: gone but not forgotten 

Information from pound pullers: 

UPDATE 16th Feb 2018 19:10: Am so so sorry guys, Marlow lost the fight 🙁 we had to let him go the lining had come away from his tummy and guts and he had inhaled some of the vomit in to his lungs. He had lost consciousness and was slipping away so we had no choice but to let him go

16th Feb 2018: Marlow update  He is still in the vets and is not out of the woods. He has developed a condition called ileus where the intestine stops working and can cause a blockage. He had X-rays and scans yesterday which showed nothing but today there was something showing. Senior vet was called on for a second opinion. Yesterday he had a very elevated heart rate which today is lower. He is very sick though and today has passed a large amount of blood from his rear end. As he is a poundie the vets have been trying to be conservative with treatment to keep the cost down but we have discussed treatment and I’ve said get him everything he needs. The senior vet said don’t open him up yet but that could change at any time. Our bill is around £400 for us to pay surgery if needed is going to be starting at £500-£700 on top there was talk of an endoscope again would be similar additional cost, the lowdown is he may not make it so I’m topping up my glass of optimism and love and hope for him to make it. Sorry to get the begging bowl out but we need funds to TRY AND SAVE HIM he’s only a pup he’s won the hearts of all the vet nurses

PLEASE READ REVISED DESCRIPTION. Seeking a rescue space (this is gonna be another HARD ONE TO GET A SPACE FOR 😭 ) Please meet Marlow he is 1 yr and 5mth old Akita boy entire, microchipped. Marlow was handed over to the council by the owner who was female as she wasn’t coping in a small flat with him as far as we know she has him from a pup, he had his vaccinations as pup but are out of date. When the dog warden picked Marlow up from the flat he was very barky at 1st but did calm down. When getting to kennels Marlow wasn’t very scared and he was very very stressed so had to be poled☹️ WHAT I HAVE JUST FOUND OUT IS HE WAS ON THE VAN A LONG TIME IT WAS DARK WHEN HE GOT TO THE POUND. For two days he was shaking with fear. Sadly we don’t think Marlow has had a lot of socialisation with many people or animals and he is more used to women we think. It only took him a day or 2 to settle down and is now a cheeky playful boy. The pound manager today said HE IS A LOVELY FUNNY CUDDLY BOY WITH RESCUE EXPERIENCED WITH BREED HE WILL BLOSSOM. Marlow is young enough to learn and will be eager to aswell, he has a very puppyish attitude and will be a fantastic boy with the right guidance, he’s gorgeous


Link to profile: Marlow’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 16th February 2018: Marlow has received the following funds to help with his vital rescue costs:£10(HR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(PH, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(MB, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(CR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(LAJ, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(KG) / £5(JT) / £5 (Anon) = £70. Thank you to his kind donors.

13th July 2018: £10(HR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(PH, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(MB, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(CR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(LAJ, Emergency Fund Monthly) has been reallocated to Evie