Name: Kia

Pound Helpers: Searching for Sofas

Date Posted: 21st February 2019

PTS / Overdue Date: within 7 days  


Information from pound pullers: 

UPDATE APRIL 5TH 2019: Hey everyone, my name is Kia. I am a bit of a monkey aka SUPER CLIMBING/JUMPING STAFFIE GIRL!!!! Sadly I don’t really like other dogs in the pound I think that is why nobody is rushing forward to give me a rescue space. I also have some suspicious lumps so think that is effecting my desirability as well. Its not my fault, my old owners didn’t socialise me that well and so here I am in the pound STILL, been here since February, all the other dogs have come and gone, even Ruby who was here since January has found a rescue and is now in Scootland meeting new people, acting like a Kangaroo and snuggling the little folk who have been to see her. I think i’ve been forgotten….nobody wants me…. My Auntie Cathy who is trying to find me a furever Sofa of my own says she hopes EVERYONE WILL GIVE ME A BIG BUMP AND A SHARE….Love you all lots like Jelly Tots, Kia 😔💚😔(RESCUE ONLY)


Urgently seeking a rescue 😭 Kia is a traditional Staffie lady, microchipped. Kia has been in pound b4 and been claimed. When Kia 1st come in she was very stressed and anxious and didn’t seem to be interested in staff she just wanted to get out. Over the time she has calmed down and engaging now with staff and happier. Kia has some suspicious looking lumps on her which will need investigation. She is not keen on other dogs so would need to be pet free when rehomed. Feel she has just been left to her own devices a lot in the past. Xx

Needs donations for *: neutering / vaccinations / microchipping / transport / emergency boarding if needed

*on average, it costs £150-£200 to pay the rescue costs (neutering, vaccination, chipping, worming, flea treatment) for every dog rescued from the pound, and more if they need to be transported and moved into EB before they find a rescue space. Please note that funds alone do not guarantee a dog’s safety, as there are many other factors to take into account such as availability of emergency boarding, rescue kennels, transport and rescue space. They do, however, provide a huge help to the dogs and their helpers in paying for their vital and expensive rescue costs.

Link to profile: Kia’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 21st February 2019: Kia has received the following funds to help with her vital rescue costs: £50(NC) reallocated from Trigger-6 = £50. Thank you to her kind donors.

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