Name: Jet

Pound Helpers: Hound From The Pound

Date Posted: 13th July 2017

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: 

JET 17: A stunning lurcher lad with a good bit of Collie in him. Only young, possibly no more that a yr. Super friendly and takes treats gently. Looking for a rescue space asap. We will vax worm and flea treat. These pics do not do him justice.

Link to profile: Jet’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 13th July 2017: Jet did not receive any donations to help with his vital rescue costs. 16th August 2017: £35[JT, Emergency Fund] has been sent to pay for Jet’s life saving emergency board. 2nd October 2017: £32[£2(LG, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(NB(Emergency Fund) / £10(PLF, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(CT, Emergency Fund Monthly)] has been sent to Jet’s vet to help pay for his vital vet care.