Inspiration for Pounds for Poundies

These are a few of the special dogs in my life who inspired me to set up Pounds for Poundies. I have had many more foster dogs over the years, and loved every one of them, but these dogs are the ones who are in my life now or who have come from the pounds that many dogs on this site are in. To think that they could have died alone and afraid in those cold kennels, never to chase another stick, or give another kiss, or flop out on a sofa ever again… a whole lifetime of happiness and fun can be wiped out in an instant for a poundie, and I can’t bear the thought of a world without these dogs. They are my family, friends and inspiration.

Mags July 2011 203Maggie: rescued from a backyard breeder in December 2008

I first saw Maggie on an advert online. She was being sold for £100 because she was no use to the backyard breeder as all her puppies had died (she was bred at 7 months old). He stated in his advert that the “dog needs to go asap as my ex-girlfriend is beating it up”. I called him straight away; I simply had to help this girl. He told me that someone else had already offered him a motorcycle helmet and a sygnet ring but if I got there first with cash then I could have her. I finished work at 4pm and those hours at work were so long; I was frantic that she would be gone by the time I got there. I first saw Maggie as she walked across a dark carpark, skinny and frightened, unsure what was happening. However, she got in my car with no fuss and I could tell instantly that Maggie – as she came to be known – was a sweet, gentle and very special girl. My intention was to rehabilitate her, have her spayed and vaccinated and then find her a forever home. However, it took me all of 15 minutes to realise that I had found my doggy soul-mate and that she would never leave my side again. I had to put her into kennels until I was able to find somewhere else to live that allowed dogs. Maggie is the most wonderful dog I could ever have the honour of sharing my life with. She is a wonderful foster sister to all my fosters, and her calm, playful, accepting and gentle personality works wonders with the frightened souls who arrive confused and sad. That backyard breeder gave up the most amazing companion that day in a dark car park, and although I despise him for what he put her (and many others) through, I will be forever grateful that I met my doggy soul-mate that night.

DSCF6494Rio: rescued from death row in March 2012

Rio was abandoned in the pound to die by her previous people.
They knew she was in there and they knew she was going to be killed but they said, “Yeah, that’s ok”. Well, it certainly wasn’t ok. We offered to foster her, along with Annie, and they were pulled from the pound at the last minute before being transported to us. Dear little Ri Ri was so afraid when she arrived here, but it was clear that she was a sweet and gentle girl. She and Mags hit it off with only a few bumps along the way, and by the time she was ready to be spayed and find her new home we had fallen completely head-over-heels in love with her and once again became fully paid up members of the Failed Fosterers Club! Ri Ri (also known as The Burrowing Ri Ri for her bedtime antics) is our little angel, and we adore her. She is funny and, like almost all Staffies, incredibly loving. I don’t think it’s possible to feel unloved when you have a Staffie in the house! She and Mags are best friends and Ri likes to use Maggie as a sofa. I’m not sure how Mags feels about this, but I don’t think she has much choice in the matter.

Annie 3 compAnnie:  rescued from death row in the pound March 2012

Annie was found as a stray,
taken to the pound, and her 7 days were up so she was going to be killed. Thankfully we were able to offer to foster her so she was rescued. Annie had been very badly treated and had been used for breeding. She had been badly mentally and physically abused and it has taken a long time to regain her trust and allow her to become the dog she is meant to be; a happy, playful, loving, intelligent girl who really needs a family of her own. It took fully 8 months until Annie was really herself and all the fear from her previous life was replaced with trust. We love her dearly but she really has to find her own forever home as she would really prefer to be an only dog.

MAXMax: rescued from the pound February 2012

Max came to me in February 2012. He was on death row in the pound, and his time was up. On the night I picked him up from his transporter, he came home with me and fell asleep in my arms, upside down, mouth open, totally content to have someone to cuddle into him. Every poundie just wants to cuddle and be warm and feel loved when they come out of the pound, and Max was no different. Max was a soppy, playful boy who loved Maggie and, like all staffies seem to, enjoyed using her as a sofa. Max was neutered, vaccinated and chipped and it didn’t take long to find Max a forever home where is utterly adored. From poundie to spoiled rotten in just a few weeks: another happy ending and I’m so pleased I met Max and was able to help him on his way to a happy life.

Jacob: died in the pound 16th February 2012

Tribute to Jacob from Shelle, pound helper for West Wales Pound Dogs and Jacobs Pound: “Our darling boy words fail me every time i look at your photo, you were such a sweet young boy who just wanted to run free and play in the snow!! You were with someone did they love you Jacob I do so hope that they did at some point, you deserved to be loved. You were alone and helpless and walking the streets. You were picked up and taken to a dark cold place, no one to give you love and affection like you deserved. you spent 7 lonely days and 7 so cold nights on your own wondering what you did wrong.

Every time someone walked past you would run to them and wag your tail and give your staffy smile. In the hope that your master came…….. He never did!! You would return to your bed cold and hard and tuck your head under your paws and silently cry why me!! What have i done wrong? you would think!!

Jacob you did nothing wrong my darling boy you were loved by your mummy but a year before and were taken from her warmth and protection, you then committed the crime of growing up an inconvenience!!

That final day you saw 2 people approach and you thought your time was here at last……… The sad fact was Jacob it was but not in the way it should of been, you see Jacob you died alone that day in a cold dark dirty place with no one to show you love and affection……. If only you knew baby boy there was people out there trying to fight for your life…… When they told me you was gone i was broken hearted When you Died Jacob a piece of me died as well. But in your name we carry on fighting even stronger so that one day the babies before and after you will not have died in Vain!!

Good night sweet dreams Angel i am so so sorry. xxx R.I.P xxx”

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