Becoming a Foster Carer

Can you open your home and heart to a Poundie? Special foster families are urgently needed to help save Poundies’ lives.

Have you ever considered offering a lifeline to a death row Poundie by becoming a foster-carer? Please read on if you have.

Council pounds and animal rescues the length of the UK are sadly currently bursting at the seams due to increasing  numbers of abandoned and unwanted dogs.  The problem of over-breeding is leading to huge numbers of puppies being born into an already-overcrowded dog-world and huge numbers of these puppies then being abandoned when they are young adults.  The result is that thousands of healthy, loving, lovable dogs are finding themselves abandoned and alone in pounds each week. Rescue spaces are becoming increasingly thin on the ground as the demand for them far exceeds spaces available in already-overstretched rescues. To save their lives, these dogs desperately need safe places to go until they find their forever homes.

Could you offer them this special safe place and join the band of remarkable people who are foster families to death row Poundies and other homeless dogs?

What is fostering?

Fostering is opening your heart and your home to a death row Poundie or other homeless dog in desperate need and offering them a warm, safe, loving place to save them from being killed in the pound. Fostering gives dogs the time and love they need to help them relax and be assessed properly and receive the veterinary care, love and kindness they need until they find their forever homes.

Why do Poundies need foster homes?

Often, a foster home is the difference between life and death to a Poundie. With rescues full, existing foster homes full, and EB full, there is often simply nowhere for death row Poundies to go and the Poundies are faced with the tragic ending we all dread. Fostering is without doubt a lifeline to Poundies and directly saves their lives by offering them a safe place to go to save them from the danger of the pound and offers them safety until they find their forever homes.

What do I need to be a foster-carer for Poundies?

First and foremost, a big heart and a warm safe place where Poundies can recover from their ordeal. Patience is essential too, as often dogs can be in need of love and reassurance when they’ve experienced abandonment, fear and isolation in the pound.  Ideally, you will be home for most of the day or able to get home at lunchtime so the dog isn’t left alone for too long.

Foster homes for Poundies must be cat-free and have no children under 12. If you have dogs already they must be able to be kept separate until your foster dog is properly dog-tested and careful introductions made. This is to keep everyone safe. Although most Poundies are friendly, loving and sociable, as there is no history for them to keep everyone safe this is a basic safety requirement and one that is in place for the safety of everyone involved, especially the Poundies.

All foster carers are supported by a rescue offering Rescue Back-up (RBU); this is financial and practical support from a rescue while the Poundie is in foster care, and costs are covered by the RBU so you will not be expected to pay vet bills for your foster dog.

What should I expect as a foster-carer?

You should expect fostering to be equally one of the most rewarding and one of the hardest things you  could do. It is amazingly rewarding to see a dog who is alive because you offered them a lifeline, but it can also be difficult if your foster dog is unsettled or has had a particularly hard life, and even harder to get attached to a dog and see them go to a new home.

Sometimes there are pee-pees on the rug, sometimes they can be a little unsure and unsettled during their first few nights and need some reassurance, but this usually only lasts for a few days and with love, kindness and reassurance these insecurities quickly pass. You should expect to fall head over heels in love with a wonderful wee dog and share in a very special time in their lives. Fostering is one of the most amazing, selfless, kind things you could do and foster carers really are very special people; they are life-savers, and worth their weight in gold.

All foster-carers for reputable rescues will be required to fill out an application form and have a home-check done; this is standard practice and is a good opportunity for you to meet the experts and ask any questions you may have.

I’d like to be a foster-carer but I’m not sure it’s right for me.

Fostering isn’t right for everyone. If you have children and cats/other dogs they have to come first. Think very carefully about it and rescues will always be happy to offer you help and advice. It is very important that if you commit to being a foster-carer that you have thought it through very carefully and are prepared for what it entails. It is better not to be a foster-carer than to offer to foster and then pull out a the last minute (this does happen, sadly quite often). That said, fostering is an amazingly rewarding thing to do and saves lives.

How do I become a foster carer for Poundies?

Pounds for Poundies doesn’t place dogs from the pound into rescue or foster, so this appeal is on behalf of the pound pullers and rescues we work with. If you are interested in fostering please contact us at and we will be happy to put you in touch with pound pullers in your area.

Please see our Rescue Organisation page at for information and links on some of the rescues we work with which help Poundies. They will be able to offer advice and assistance about fostering. Please note that Pounds for Poundies is not responsible for any communications, placements or other interactions between individuals and any of the rescues featured on the site .

Thank you for reading and we hope that you will consider opening your home and heart to a death row Poundie and join the band of dedicated, remarkable people whose kindness and compassion saves the lives of thousands of wonderful dogs every year.

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