Name: Honey

Pound Helpers: Searching for Sofas

Date Posted: 30th November 2018

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: 

Seeking a rescue space is this little poppet please meet Honey she is an old thyme bulldog about 2yrs old. Honey was picked up by the dog warden very scared. The dog warden who brought her to pound had put a pole on her to get to the van from the holding kennels as she was growling at him. When she got to the pound she was growling with her head hung low, they didn’t want her to be poled again so tried to ease her by just talking to her for a little while then she came out on a lead. She has bonded very well with one of the girls at the pound and totally trusts her now, she is still unsure of other staff and will growl but starting to ease. She has been bred! She went to the vet to have eye looked at after she settled in and she has a bad cherry eye, old scaring from ulcers that aren’t active and a condition that means hair follicles grow in the wrong place and then rub on her eye, all is going to need surgery to repair, she is on a steroid eye drop and pain killer for the time being. Although scared of everyone we think she is more scared of men. When she bonds with you she is a loving little sweetie she just needs time and tlc to get to that, think she will be a Cheeky little monkey as well🙂 she doesn’t seem to mind other dogs in pound but would need assessment outside. Love her she’s a cracker. Xx RESCUE ONLY X


Link to profile: Honey’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 30th November 2018: Honey has received the following funds to help with her vital rescue costs: £20(MG, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(SA, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(EB, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(ML, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £5(ML) = £55. Thank you to her kind donors.