Gone but not forgotten

Sadly, not every Poundie is lucky to be offered their life-saving rescue space. Many die in pounds with no pound helper groups, where no one gave them a  name; alone, afraid and known only as a number, they die wondering where their people have gone and why they didn’t want them or love them any more.

Others, despite all the will in the world and with people who care trying to help them, their lives are taken; they are the victims of human greed and irresponsibility and they will never be forgotten.

The Dogs’ Trust Stray Dog Survey 2012/2013 estimates that around 9,000 abandoned dogs are killed in pounds in the UK every year.

This poem by one of Pounds for Poundies’ supporters Carole Oliver is dedicated to every one of those precious lives who paid for their people’s irresponsibility and greed with their lives. They are gone, but they are not forgotten.

Prayer for the Poundies

As I lay me down tonight
I think of these babies and of their plight
I hope and pray that they can sleep
These ones the owners didn't keep

Abused, abandoned, thrown away
Alone, unloved and labelled, stray
For this they pay the ultimate price
No trial, no appeal, the sentence - life

As they dream their dreams of loving homes
With soft, warm beds, and tasty bones
It's cold concrete, and metal bars
Surround them in their sleeping hours

And when these angels finally wake
It's to loud, strange noises and locking gates
Hidden away, where few eyes can see
The clock counts down inevitably

And on the morning when at last their free
They wag their tails excitedly
But what's waiting for them?  
A new family to meet?
Or the sting of a needle, and a long, dreamless sleep?
(c) Carole Oliver 2014
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