Name: Gertie

Pound Helpers: Team Poundie

Date Posted: 11th October 2017

PTS / Overdue Date: Within 7 days


Information from pound pullers: Dear dear me this lady came in pound FULL OF MILK WITH A DISCHARGE…. where are her puppies now¬†¬†This is gorgeous Gertie! She is gorgeous¬†when she was picked up by the dog warden she was over flowing with milk!! Unknown what happened to pups¬†She still has milk now but it is going down, guessing she is 2-3 yrs old. OLD THYME/AMBULL? She had a discharge (maybe from giving birth) and a bit of a temp so was put on antibiotics as we suspected pyometra but now vets don’t think so? Gertie loves everyone and doesn‚Äôt mind the other dogs.¬† RESCUE SPACE ONLY

Needs donations for *: neutering / vaccinations / microchipping / transport / emergency boarding if needed

*on average, it costs ¬£150-¬£200 to pay the rescue costs (neutering, vaccination, chipping, worming, flea treatment) for every dog rescued from the pound, and more if they need to be transported and moved into EB before they find a rescue space. Please note that funds alone do not guarantee a dog’s safety, as there are many other factors to take into account such as availability of emergency boarding, rescue kennels, transport and rescue space. They do, however, provide a huge help to the dogs and their helpers in paying for their vital and expensive rescue costs.

Link to profile:¬†Gertie’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 11th October 2017: Gertie has received the following donations to help with her vital rescue costs: £20(RR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £20(RR, Emergency Fund Monthly) / £10(KW, Emergency Fund Monthly). Thank you to her kind donor.

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