Name: Faith

Pound Helpers: One Dog at a Time

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PTS / Overdue Date: safe


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Faith was a very scared pound girl. She came in with who we believe was one of her daughters. She was very skinny, urine stained and very frightened. She has landed on her paws (so to speak) and is in a fab home. She was about to be adopted and signed off when she started presenting hind leg/back issues. She has seen the vet who at first was thinking neuro. Since then, after examinations, steroids etc they do think it’s possibly a ruptured disc in her spine. She will need an mri scan at the cost of £1500-2500 without treatment. We have found a vet who is able to do the scan AND operation for £2500 where we were being quoted between £5000-7500! So it’s an amazing discount. She will need hydro therapy as well which could be another £1000 on top. We are hoping to keep the leg, and have no further injury, and she is strictly on bed rest duties. In total were looking to raise £3500 which will cover the scan, operation and therapy needed. But £2500 will get her the scan and operation done. If it doesn’t turn out to be the pictures disc, then anything over the cost of the scan will go towards what is needed-even if it’s wheels and therapy (we’re trying to keep the leg as much as possible) currently we have around £750 raised so far

Needs donations for *: neutering / vaccinations / microchipping / transport / emergency boarding if needed

*on average, it costs £150-£200 to pay the rescue costs (neutering, vaccination, chipping, worming, flea treatment) for every dog rescued from the pound, and more if they need to be transported and moved into EB before they find a rescue space. Please note that funds alone do not guarantee a dog’s safety, as there are many other factors to take into account such as availability of emergency boarding, rescue kennels, transport and rescue space. They do, however, provide a huge help to the dogs and their helpers in paying for their vital and expensive rescue costs.

Link to profile: Faith’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 23rd June 2017: Faith has received the following donations to help with her vital costs: £10(DK) / £50(Team Keisha) / £15(OT; reallocated from Diesel) / £15(KL; reallocated from Diesel) / £143.50[£32(HG, Emergency Fund Monthly Donor) / £5(JH) / £24.50(OT) / £82(KA); all reallocated from Tia and Charlie] / £75[£50(OT) / £10(PP) / £5(TB) / £10(TE); all reallocated from Ziggi]= £308.50. Thank you to her kind donors.

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