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PfP Emergency Fund with Charity NumberWhat is the Emergency Fund? The Emergency Fund is a general fund for any emergency boarding and transport requests from pound helpers and rescues to help move dogs who are at risk of being killed into the safety of emergency boarding or foster/rescue. Anyone can pay into it and although it will not be for a specific dog, it will go to those dogs who absolutely need it the most; those who have no offers of other help and whose lives are at risk if emergency boarding and transport costs to move them to safety cannot be met. Occasionally the emergency fund will also be available to provide assistance with emergency, life-saving veterinary treatment for poundies if funds are available.

What is emergency boarding? Emergency boarding is when dogs are on the kill list and are imminently going to be killed, and although they don’t have a rescue space or foster home to go to, they are taken from the pound and put into a kennel to save their lives. The daily rate will be anything between £6 per dog per day to around £12 per dog per day. As you can imagine, this quickly adds up and bills for emergency boarding poundies can quickly run into the hundreds of pounds.

How will the money be distributed? We will accept requests from the pound helpers and rescuers we work with who are in need of emergency boarding or transport funds. These are pound helpers and rescuers who have policies in line with our rescue and rehoming policies (see Terms and Conditions). Providing there are sufficient funds in the account, we will transfer money to them to pay a proportion or all of the emergency boarding or transport funds as requested in order to save the dog(s) life/lives.

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