Name: Elsa

Pound Helpers:  Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 28th March 2019

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers:

ELSA is a stunning 18mth – 2yr old spayed Cane Corso bitch in urgent need of a 5* rescue space.

Previously owned by someone who most definitely did not have her best interests at heart, she is rather light weight and has already suffered from being bred from at least once. Luckily for Elsa she was spayed by a charity to prevent further pups. She is very timid and hand shy but once you have gained her trust she is an absolute darling. Kennels will not help with her anxiety unless she has regular interaction. She has lived with another dog and was waggy tailed with all she met at the pound. She has lived with small children in the past.

Elsa will be vaccinated, wormed and flea treated and benefit from putting approximately 5 kg’s on.

I have fallen head over heels for this beautiful unassuming girl that according to many others has had a painful past 


Link to profile: Elsa’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 31st March  2019: Elsa has received the following donations to help with her vital rescue costs: £10(SK) / £10(JY) / £25(L,S,J)  £10(SL) / £40(LH) / £5(CW) = £100. Thank you to her kind donors.