Name: Ebby

Pound Helpers: Poundies in Need

Date Posted: 7th June 2017

PTS / Overdue Date: safe


Information from rescue: Central German Shepherd Rescue took Ebony from the pound; she was on the pts list. The agreement by the Trustees was that Ebony would go into foster after her initial 7 days in kennels, as required by Rescue, as we knew she needed rehab. She came into season and went into foster on Thursday 20th April where it was noticed her season wasn’t normal. She had a full vet check the next day when several options were given: Spay there and then (she had eaten & drank); sedate & scan her; give her massive dose of antibiotics over weekend & spay Monday; do nothing & monitor. We decided on the antibiotics, on advise from 2 vets. Ebony socialised with a crazy 11 week old pup over that weekend. It’s very sad when the adult dog is learning from a 11 week old puppy. At the vets on the Monday Ebony was given pre-med sedative and crashed, her Heart rate went down to 44 then up to 87 and fluctuated between 44 to 60. She was rushed through as emergency. It turned out to be the correct call; her uterus was full of lumps and puss; she hadn’t quite developed Pyo. The vet estimated her age as 18months to 2 years, and she had a deformed uterus from early and excessive breeding. Ebony went for a vet check on 27th April, she was doing ok but not as good as hoped for due to her being bred out, and she was retaining fluid. More antibiotics & anti-inflammatory medication were dispensed. Ebony is fully recovered from her operation and is still in foster care where her foster parents are now addressing her socialisation issues.


Needs donations for *: neutering / vaccinations / microchipping / transport / emergency boarding if needed

*on average, it costs £150-£200 to pay the rescue costs (neutering, vaccination, chipping, worming, flea treatment) for every dog rescued from the pound, and more if they need to be transported and moved into EB before they find a rescue space. Please note that funds alone do not guarantee a dog’s safety, as there are many other factors to take into account such as availability of emergency boarding, rescue kennels, transport and rescue space. They do, however, provide a huge help to the dogs and their helpers in paying for their vital and expensive rescue costs.

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Donation Tally: 22nd June 2017: Ebby has received the following donations to help with her vital rescue costs: £15(DK) / £15(JS) £10(MT) / £10(CG) / £10(Anon) / £10(Anon) / £30(NM)=£90. Thank you to her kind donors.

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