Name: Ditzy

Pound Helpers:  Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 9th April 2018

PTS / Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: DITZY: a Golden Retriever bitch of at least 8yrs This girl was found as a stray in NKDC area, suspected abandoned. In need of some TLC and a good bath, she is bubbly and friendly with people, yet to be tested with other dogs. We will bath, vet exam, vaccinate, worm and flea treat. 


Link to profile: Ditzy’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 10th April 2018: Ditzy has the following donations to help with his vital rescue costs: £50(NH) / £100(MK) = £150. Thank you to his kind donors. 6th June 2018: £33(NH) has been sent to pay for Ditzy’s vet treatment.