Cookie *SAFE*

Cookie *SAFE*

Name: Cookie

Pound Helpers: Sharon Smith

Date Posted: 14th October 2013

PTS/Overdue Date: saved

Status: SAFE

Information from pound pullers: From her pound helper, Sharon Smith: “Cookie is a 2yo staffy cross girl on death row in the pound. She hasn’t had much care in her life, she has had no training, she hasn’t been taught any manners and hasn’t even been socialised with other dogs. Myself and the ladies at the pound would love for this girl to have the chance at a new life, but lets face it what rescue would really want her? We would love to get funds together to send this girl to a behaviourist for a few weeks so she can be taught from scratch how a dog should behave. To do this we need two things; firstly a rescue that would be willing to take this girl on once she has under gone rehab and secondly we need funds to enable this to happen, so I’m pleading with everyone to please help give this girl her 2nd chance and let her show everyone how well behaved she can be.

Please please if you can spare anything please help her; it’s not her fault she has been failed by her humans. All donations to be given via Pounds for Poundies so you can see where the money has gone. I’m hoping to get her in at a place near me in the northwest so I can go down and see her progress and do a video to keep you all updated. Thankyou ”

Link: Cookie’s Facebook Page


Donation Tally: 14th November 2013: Cookie now has the following funds to help with her rescue: £10 (KO) / £50 (GW) = £60. Thank you so much to her kind donors for supporting little Cookie’s rescue.