Name: Cloud

Pound Helpers: West Wales Pound Dogs

Date Posted: 8th February 2013

PTS Date: w/b 11th February 2013


Information from pound pullers: Meet the very handsome but very sad and very neglected Cloud. Cloud is a male white Boxer who has come into the pound in a very bad stated you can see every single rib in his body :-(. Even though he has been left in this condition Cloud has a lovely nature and he is only a young boy as well. Oh how i hate this world when i see babies in this state. Its bad enough letting them stray but to arrive in a pound in this condition is just beyond me.

Cloud has not been dog tested but he shows now aggression to dogs either side who he can see quite well. He will bark when you first approach but that is because he is not happy in kennels when he is out he just wants to nuzzle his soft sweet head into you.

Needs donations for: neutering / vaccination / microchipping /

Link to profile:

Updates: 11th February 2013: Cloud has a rescue space; transport being organised / 12th February 2013: Cloud is safely in rescue. A big thank you to Home Counties Boxer Welfare for taking Cloud and giving him a safe future / 28th February 2013: Cloud has an offer of a forever home. Happy life Cloud!

Rescue Link: Home Counties Boxer Welfare:

Donation Tally: Cloud has no donations to help his rescue.