Name: Betsy

Pound Helpers:  Hound from the Pound

Date Posted: 7th February 2019

PTS / Overdue Date: safe

Status: SAVED

Information from pound pullers:

BETSY: Currently in EB awaiting a rescue space we have a 8yr old Dogue de Bordeaux. This girl has the sweetest nature but is in poor condition  Years of being bred have taken their toll  She has had a tentative offer of a place which we are trying to organise.

Betsy has been to the vets and as expected she has a few health issues, any assistance with vet costs would be greatly appreciated.


Link to profile: Betsy’s Facebook Post

Donation Tally: 11th February  2019: Betsy has received the following donations to help with her vital rescue costs: £20(HS) / £10(PP) / £100(TN) / £50(CF) / £10(NP) / £25(KD) / £30(KB) / £10(SS) / £10(DN) / £15(SD) / £10(TB) / £10(JO) / £10(EG) / £10(VW) / £8(SR) / £30(PR) / £10(JP) / £20(CL) / £10(RR) / £20(BW) / £10(VH) / £10(DW) / £10(SA) / £10(UH) / £5(RB) = £463. Thank you to her kind donors.