Name: Bella

Pound Helpers: Helping Yorkshire Poundies

Date Posted: 4th November 2017

PTS / Overdue Date: saved 

Status: SAFE 

Information from pound pullers: 

BELLA – beautiful 3-4 year old female bull lurcher cross. Bella is a friendly fussy girl who seems fine with other dogs. Urgent rescue space needed.


Link to profile: Bella’s Facebook post

Donation Tally: 4th November 2017: Bella has not yet received any donations to help with her vital rescue costs. 11th November 2018: £50(ChiChatz, Fundraiser; reallocated from Cassie) / £10(Anon; reallocated from Dee) /  £3(RO, Emergency Fund; reallocated from Xena) has been sent to pay for Bella’s freedom ride