Name: ANNA

Pound Helpers: Jacob’s Pound Dogs UK

Date Posted: 31st March 2014

PTS/Overdue date: LOST HER LIFE IN THE POUND – 11th APRIL 2014


Information from pound pullers: Introducing the sweet little Anna. Anna is a female SBT who is dark Brindle. She is a very sweet and dear little girl who is feeling a bit lost in the world right now. She has not show any aggression towards the other dogs but she has not been dog tested.

Updates: 12th April 2014:  During the time she spent in the Pound, Anna sadly became more and more depressed, eventually refusing to eat.  She was taken to the vet for a second time on the 11th April to try and establish what was wrong, but, at that point in time, she had been in the Pound for over a month and still had no offer of a rescue space and was obviously suffering emotionally and physically.  The very hard decision was therefore made by the Pound staff, in conjunction with the vet, to put her to sleep to end this suffering as there was no hope of a rescue space for her at that point to help her after a month of waiting.  Tragically, a rescue offer came through later that same day which would have saved her life.  Everyone involved in trying to help Anna get to safety is simply beyond heartbroken that she came so close to being safe.  We can only hope she is now at peace.  Run free, precious Anna and know you were loved by so many, near and far. x

Donation Tally: Anna received the following donations to help with her rescue costs: £5(PS)/£20(KT)/£50(NB)/£20(PB)/£5(HD)/£10(PSTK)/£20(PEM/LJ)/£20(HB) = £150.  Thank you to her kind donors for supporting this lovely girl when she needed it the most / Update 12th April 2014: As Anna will sadly not need her funds and all her kind donors opted to reallocate – then her donations have been allocated as follows to try and help three other Jacob’s Pound Dogs who are all in desperate need like she was.  £5(PS)/£20(KT)/£20(PB)/£5(HD) totalling £50 have all been reallocated to Cheeto and £50(NB)/£10(PSTK)/£20(PEM)/£20(HB) totalling £100 have been reallocated to Baby and Tigger. 

Reallocations/Used for Other Dogs:

£10(PSTK)/£20(HB)/£20(PEM/LJ)/£50(NB) totalling £100 reallocated to Baby and Tigger (JPDUK)