About Poundies

Thank you for visiting Pounds for Poundies. A “Poundie” is a dog who has found him or herself alone in cold and lonely pound kennel, adandoned by the people they loved and who were supposed to care for them. Every year in the UK alone, tens of thousands of dogs find themselves in pounds around the country, and after their statutory 7 days are up, they are on the Put To Sleep (pts or “kill”) list. Some pounds do not rehome to the public, some do, and some choose to work with pound helpers to help save as many as they can. Some choose to kill all dogs on their 8th day. Every day hundreds of healthy dogs are killed in pounds, because no one came for them. They are the Forgotten Dogs.

About Pounds for Poundies

Pounds for Poundies is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registered charity number SC044405) that works to raise the vital rescue funds needed to save the lives of dogs on death row in the UK, and distributes these to the pound pullers, transporters and rescues  who work so hard to save the lives of the abandoned dogs whose lives depend on them. The funds raised are used for life-saving emergency boarding, transport, neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping and other vet costs as needed and directly help the dog you are supporting on his or her way to the happy future that was so nearly taken from them.

Although many Poundies have no chance if they are unclaimed from the pound, some do have a chance; they are in pounds who work with rescuers to try to save as many as they can. But these dogs need a lifeline. There are people – pound helpers – who work tirelessly to help find rescue spaces for them, and rescuers who offer rescue spaces to save their lives. We believe that each and every Poundie should have the chance at a life full of love and happiness, and that each and every one has so much love and happiness to give to their forever person. We want to help them on their way to finding that person, and a huge part of that is helping raise the vital funds necessary to save the lives of the Poundies. Without these lifesaving funds, the pound helpers and rescuers simply could not save the lives of so many Poundies.

Your donation, of any amount, will help the pound helpers, transporter and rescues to help save the lives and secure the future of dogs whose lives hang in the balance. Every single penny raised on Pounds for Poundies goes directly to help save the lives of dogs abandoned in pounds, by helping the pound helpers and rescues who save the lives of dogs on death row. We are a very small team; our founder and director works as a full-time volunteer, and we have one paid member of staff due to the massive workload. We have no overheads, all admin costs are paid from Gift Aid, and we commit to honest, open and completely transparent fundraising so you can be assured that you will know exactly how your donation is used and that every penny of it will be used to help save pound dogs.  The work to save Poundies is done by the many dedicated people who volunteer and work tirelessly to save as many lives as they can and, with your help, so many more abandoned dogs can be saved and have lives of comfort and love and a warm sofa and family to call their own.

How you can help save the lives of Poundies

Here you will find urgent poundies whose lives are in immediate danger if they cannot be found rescue spaces; dogs in rescue who have been saved from death row and who need rescue funds; and an emergency boarding and transport fund to provide funds to help death row dogs at the last minute to save their lives by paying for life-saving rescue costs such as transport and emergency boarding.

How and why Pounds for Poundies was founded

I believe that dogs truly are a gift; I love all animals, but the special relationship we have with dogs is a gift that is all too often taken for granted, or sadly not recognised at all. For the selfless and unwavering devotion, love, patience, understanding and companionship they freely and willingly give to us, we owe them our care, compassion, love and gratitude in return.

I have worked in animal protection for many years; as a campaigner for animal protection organisations Advocates for Animals and Animals Australia; as a volunteer for, amongst others, Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fur Bearer Defenders and Cat Action Trust 1977; and I have done hands-on animal rescue and farm animal advocacy for many years.

Although I am a campaigner at heart, I became involved in pound helper work and noticed that people seemed to want a way to help directly save the dogs they saw on the internet who were in pounds and in urgent danger. It is very frustrating to see dogs whose time is almost up, and not be able to do anything. I know because I felt the same; I desperately wanted to do something to help these dogs when they were most in need of help, and although I foster pound dogs there were many more I wanted to help and the only way I could do this was to donate to their rescue. However, I noticed that many pound helper groups are so busy actually saving the Poundies that they struggled to find time to raise funds for them, too. It seemed that there were people who wanted to donate to help the Poundies, and people who desperately needed funds to be able to save them; this, combined with my desire to help Poundies and to make it possible for people to see exactly how their donations are used to help directly save individual poundies, led me to found Pounds for Poundies in February 2013. Pounds for Poundies was granted charitable status as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 8th November 2013, charity number SC044405.

Thank you for visiting Pounds for Poundies, and if you need any more information please contact us and we will be happy to help. Please see Terms and Conditions and FAQs for more information on how the funds are held and distributed, and the criteria required from the pound helpers and rescues Pounds for Poundies works with.

For the Poundies

Alexis Fleming

Founder, Director and Chairperson, Pounds for Poundies

Operating Hours

Please note that the core operating hours for Pounds for Poundies are (though we are very flexible and much depends on the needs of the dogs at the time):

Monday 10:00 – 16:00 / Tuesday 10.00 – 22:00 / Wednesday 10:00 – 22.00 / Thursday 10.00 – 22:00 / Friday 10.00 – 22.00 / Saturday 14.00 – 22.00. Donations made outwith these times will not appear immediately on the dogs’ pages but will be updated as soon as we are next online.

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