Thank you for visiting Pounds for Poundies and caring for dogs who have tragically found themselves abandoned and alone in pounds around the UK.

Pounds for Poundies is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registered with the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator, charity number SC044405) that works to help save the lives of abandoned dogs on death row in the UK by raising the funds that are vital to help pound helpers and rescues save their lives. It is a way for you to donate and directly help save the lives of individual dogs who are on death row in pounds in the UK right now, by supporting them with their vital and often life-saving rescue costs.

Based on The Dogs Trust annual Stray Dog Survey(2013-2014) an estimated 110,975 stray dogs were handled by UK local authority pounds during the 12 month period 1st April 2013 – 31st March 2014. Of these, more than 50% were reunited with their owners, while 7% – 7,058 dogs – were killed. Using this figure and based on the return data, the Dogs Trust estimates that approximately 7,805 were killed in UK pounds in the 12 month period. With an estimated 10,000 more dogs being killed in rescue centres, this total is around 18,000 dogs being killed every year; 49 dogs a day; 346 dogs every week,  2 dogs every hour of every day, all killed simply because they were let down by the people who were supposed to care for and protect them, and there is no safe place for them to go. Every year in the UK almost 110,000 lost or unwanted dogs find themselves in local authority pounds around the country, alone and scared. After a mere seven days any dog unclaimed or successfully rescued is legally allowed to be killed by lethal injection.

Pounds for Poundies is your chance to help save the lives of these lovely dogs and give hope and opportunity to some very special lives who deserve to enjoy loving, life-long homes.

Here you will find urgent poundies on death row in pounds whose lives are in immediate danger without funds and rescue spaces, dogs in rescue who have been saved from death row and who need rescue funds, and the Pounds for Poundies Emergency Fund which provides funding to pay for emergency life-saving rescue costs such as transport to safety and life-saving emergency boarding to save dogs’ lives when there is nowhere else for them to go.

Your donation – of any amount – to the Poundie you are sponsoring will go to directly to help save their life and secure the future of dogs who find themselves abandoned by the people they loved and facing a lonely death in the pound. Pounds for Poundies is run by volunteers, there are no admin costs (the only deduction from donations is the Paypal transaction fee which is sadly unavoidable), and all money raised goes directly to help the dog you are sponsoring. Many dedicated people including pound helpers, transporters, rescuers, fundraisers and admin volunteers are working tirelessly to save as many lives as they can, and with your help so many more dogs can be saved and have lives of comfort, love and a warm sofa and family to call their own.

All dogs’ pages are updated with how their funds have been used to help the Poundie, all distributed donations are logged on our Your Donations In Action section and each donor will be sent an email to let them know how their kind donation has been used to help save the life of the Poundie they are supporting.

Pounds for Poundies is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registered charity number SC044405), incorporated on 8th November 2013.

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